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Convenient Pest Control Scheduling

We know that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to pest control, and we cater for that. Tailored for both the kind of pests that you are dealing with, and the way that you want to deal with them, based on our expert recommendation, we know that you will be happy with the choices on offer.

Everything that we do is designed to make it easier for you, the customer. From providing excellent and expedient service, to being as flexible as possible in the plans that we offer to enable your management of your property's pest problem; we want to help you handle and defeat pests.

Whether you are looking to use us for just a single call, on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, quarterly, or annually – we have a plan that you will find both economic and the perfect way to ensure that you are totally covered when it comes to exterminating pests.

Initially we provide you with a thorough home inspection, so you will know that the advice that we are giving you is not guesswork. We will provide you with a strategy to effectively handle the issue and to prevent any further issues.

If you want a pest free house where you feel confident about the fact no pests are living there unwelcome and moving around then calling us is your first step. Once you have used our services we are confident that you will want to continue working with us because we will make your life so much easier, freeing up your attention from worrying about pests, because you know they will be dead and gone.

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Termite Control

Termite controlHere in Florida, termites are every homeowner’s nightmare. This pest can be busy eating away at the structure of your home and not be detected for a long period of time. As cliché as it sounds, and it’s written on almost every pest control website, it is fact that termites can create more damage to a home than hurricanes, floods or fire combined!

This is one pest you don’t want to try and control on your own. Termite control is best handled by a pest control professional. Bob’s Killen Pest will conduct a complete and thorough inspection of your home. At that time any serious structural damage to your home will be pointed out along with recommendations for repair as well as a plan of action to get rid of those destructive pest.

Rodent control

Rodent Control

Rodent ControlThere is no fun having a rat problem. Rats can be very destructive and cause all kinds of problems for the homeowner as well as commercial buildings. Rats are very versatile and can live just about anywhere. They chew through everything in their path and have been known to cause electrical fires. From the attic and inside your walls, rats eventually make there way in your home and contaminate your food and belongings. Rats carry disease that can be extremely harmful to you, your children and pets.

Many people attempt to rid these pests on their own, only to discover that it's not such an easy job. Many don't use common sense and have brought harm to their pets and small children. Others have been successful at killing rats with poisons but have discovered that it's unpleasant to have a decomposing dead rat behind the wall or under the house. Bob's Killen Pest will inspect your home, seal all the entry points where rats may be entering your home, and bait and trap them. This is a case where you need   professional pest control management. The professional has the experience and knowledge to safely remove your rodent problem. Call today and make an appointment.

Flea control

Flea Control

Flea controlFleas have been a real problem this year and unless you understand how important it is to break the cycle you will continue to have a problem. If you want to gain any control over a flea infestation, you can't stop at only treating your pet. Controlling fleas' mean controlling the flea cycle. Fleas attach themselves to your pet and try to never leave. It's the flea eggs that drop off your pet that creates the infestation in your home, or any area your pets roam including the front and back yard. The eggs that drop off your pet can number in the thousands since one flea can lay hundreds of eggs at a time. Once the eggs hatch and go through the first three stages they'll lay and wait as flea pupae and hatch only when a host comes close enough to them.

Unless you treat your home and yard at the same time you treat your pet, your pet's treatment will appear ineffective. The fleas will die when they land on your pet, but there will always be new fleas to replace the dead ones. A pest control professional can help you to brake the flea cycle. A pest control professional can safely and effectively treat both the inside of your home as well as the front and back yard. Give Bob a call today and make your appointment.