How Ants Work, Pinellas Pest Control Info

Most ants in Pinellas Florida can be considered part of three main groups: yard ants, house ants, and carpenter ants. Some common species found in Florida are fire, pharaoh, and ghost. There is often confusion in identification between termites and ants. Unlike a termite with just a head and a body, the ant's exoskeleton has 3 segments - the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. Ants also have elbowed antennae, whereas the termite has beaded. The pincers at the front of the ant's head are the mandibles. Mandibles are used for carrying, cutting, and fighting. 

Ant colonies can be small or extremely large, numbering millions of individuals per colony. Colonies are inhabited by a few fertile males, and mostly sterile, wingless females. Like termites, ants have a caste system. Workers and soldiers are sterile females, while the     drones are fertile males.  Queen ants are fertile females.  Most queens and male ants have wings, however the queen sheds hers after her mating flight. One queen will usually mate with several males, storing their sperm in a special organ called the spermatheca, which she will then draw from for the remainder of her life. Male ants die soon after mating.

Scouts can find food for the colony, while Workers are actually able to carry back water in their guts. All of these ants will feed on sugar and other insects, while there is variation otherwise within each individual species' diet.

To prevent infestations, keep your house clean and prevent the ants' ability to get inside in the first place. Remove plants and rotten yard material that attract ants, caulk holes and cracks in your home, and eliminate potential food and water sources. Make note of where you see ants, as some species use 'trails' to get back and forth from the food source to the colony. If you watch the ants for a long enough period of time, you may actually be able to follow them back to their nest.

Once the nest has been located, there are a variety of treatment options. Liquids, gel and granule bait can all be used for treatment. Each type of bait and method of application is chosen for a reason, the temperature outside, moisture, and placement can all factor in to the success of the treatment. Your licensed exterminator can determine which treatment and application methods are right for you.

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