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Rodent ControlThere is no fun having a rat problem. Rats can be very destructive and cause all kinds of problems for the homeowner as well as commercial buildings. Rats are very versatile and can live just about anywhere. They chew through everything in their path and have been known to cause electrical fires. From the attic and inside your walls, rats eventually make there way in your home and contaminate your food and belongings. Rats carry disease that can be extremely harmful to you, your children and pets.

Many people attempt to rid these pests on their own, only to discover that it's not such an easy job. Many don't use common sense and have brought harm to their pets and small children. Others have been successful at killing rats with poisons but have discovered that it's unpleasant to have a decomposing dead rat behind the wall or under the house. Bob's Killen Pest will inspect your home, seal all the entry points where rats may be entering your home, and bait and trap them. This is a case where you need   professional pest control management. The professional has the experience and knowledge to safely remove your rodent problem. Call today and make an appointment.