More about termites

One of Florida's most destructive pest is the termite. The termite is known to cause billions of dollars of damage each year. Unlike many other pest, that are treated by pest control professionals, the termite can cause damage for long periods because this pest s so well hidden.

Termites are detrivores feeders, they are known to feed off dead vegetation, dead trees, and the parts of trees that have died. Termites are capable of tearing up large parts of their food source. This is the particular trait that causes alarm for our home owners in the Pinellas county area. Many of the homes in Saint Petersburg are older homes dating back to the late 40s and early 50s. These homes are mostly wood structured and need constant monitoring. Additional feeding sites for the termite is furnature, shelves, books and even carpets and insulation.

Subterranean termites make their home in the soil. They build impressive tunnel systems and mud tunnels where they travel above ground to their food source. You'll find drywood termites living in the wood they are eating and many time this will cause an infestation in the home and spread to the furniture.

Winged termites are the matured members of a colony. They will be seen in the spring time they swarm around doors and windows where they are attracted to light. This is the time people often get confused thinking it's termite season. Termite problems are a problem all year long, not just when you can see them.

Take steps to protect your home.

Termites like moisture

Reduce food sources

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